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Loving one Another in the Pandemic February is known for a lot of things—Black History Month, Heart and Stroke month, Family Day holiday, but probably most strikingly for Valentine’s Day. Our society has made it a day to celebrate romantic love and to market appropriate symbols of it such as “mushy” cards, chocolate, flowers, appropriately shaped baked goods, and so forth. I suppose most of those things can still be found in a co-vid world and, no doubt, you participated in this in some form or other. This year, Valentine’s Day made me think not just about romantic love, but about love in general. I have been
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Finding "Shalom: in 2021 In our last post, I reminded you that change does not come to us simply by turning the page on a calendar. In fact, true change to bring about the world that we desire can only come by the intervention of the Lord of glory, Jesus Christ. That is the message of the gospel! This week, we have had a further confirmation of how important this truth is. The events south of the border around the confirmation of that country’s next government point to the fact that for many there, (as well as in Canada), hopes for a better world are tied to politics and political leadership. Even those who
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